Meet Our Team

What’s our story?

A&A is a primary care Chinese medicine clinic where you can come to address any of your health & wellness needs. Our team is made up of two acupuncturists, Abby & Christa, and a fabulous office assistant, Mackenzie.

Abby opened the clinic in the Fall of 2017 and was just recently joined by Christa & Mackenzie. 

Both Abby & Christa are licensed acupuncturists and board-certified herbalists. Though they have come to practicing Chinese medicine from different paths, you will find that they share a passion for this medicine that is inspired by similar interests.

Mackenzie supports all aspects of the clinic’s growth and day-to-day functioning. If you need any assistance with scheduling your appointments, filling out forms, obtaining refills, or have any questions whatsoever, you may rely on her to help.

How to choose your acupuncturist?

Establishing care with a new acupuncturist can sometimes be daunting, so here are some things for you to consider in making your choice.

A&A is a collaborative practice in which we share our experiences and perspectives with each other to ensure the very best care for each of our patients. Our practice is not only about acupuncture – we have extensive training in a variety of modalities (see Our Services). We will use modalities best suited for your wellness goals and will do whatever it takes to enable you to feel better quickly. We consider it a great honor to assist our patients along their wellness paths and work together to ensure they have all the resources needed to succeed.

A wonderful benefit to being a patient at our clinic is that after establishing care with A&A, you may see either of our practitioners without incurring additional ‘new patient fees’. We are not competitive and love to collaborate on patient care. In addition, establishing care with both practitioners will enable you to feel comfortable scheduling appointments with either of us for any urgent or acute care needs.

Another important thing to consider is the style of acupuncture offered. Most people don’t realize there are a wide variety of acupuncture styles, schools, and lineages. This is similar to learning different languages. Each style aims to communicate with the body to promote or restore health and wellness. No one is better than the other, but each have elements that are unique. What is important is to gain a fluency in the language(s) you speak. Read more about this here.

The biggest difference that you will notice as a patient between styles is the needling style and stimulation achieved. Since everyone has preferences with regards to pain sensitivity and stimulation, the style your acupuncturist practices can have an impact on whether the treatment resonates with you. Therefore, matching your preferences with acupuncture style is essential. 

What styles do we practice?

At A&A, we have training in both Chinese & Japanese style acupuncture. You may read about the differences between these here.

What you hear about most in the US is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Both Abby & Christa were trained in TCM style during school, as this is the standard and is required to pass the boards. Some school programs offer additional training in other styles and lineages. Regardless, most acupuncturists will go on to supplement their foundational training by learning other styles and study with different teachers. Both Abby & Christa have expanded on their foundation by doing just that. You may find out more about Abby & Christa’s Chinese medicine adventures in their individual bios by clicking on their pictures above.

If you are interested in exploring how Chinese medicine can help you find balance and health, Contact us or schedule an appointment and we can discuss how you may start your own path to wellness. 

We want to be advocates for your health and wellness … because You Are the Point!